Spot - Posada surf

Situated in the beautiful setting of Posada beach, awarded for many years by Legambiente, between Budoni and La Caletta, 30 minutes far from Olbia airport, our spot is one of the best in Sardinia for water sports.

Flat water and thermal wind conditions are perfect for beginners and gives the student self-confidence.

The spot is easy to reach by walk from the parking space of the main beach of Posada "Su Tiriarzu", equipped with toilets, kids area, bars and restaurant.

Main winds are the one coming from north, north/east and south, south/east direction.

The very big beach and the fact that Posada Surf is the only school means that there is plenty of space for teaching and riders. Behind the spot everyone can enjoy a beautiful view, with the old town and the castle looking at the Rio Posada lagoon.